Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Kim Stagliano, Autism Super Mom, Inks Book Deal!

Kim Stagliano, the witty and thought provoking managing editor at the Age of Autism, Huffington Post contributor, don't take any shit smart ass blog author, and Autism x3 Super Mom; inks her first book deal. Look for "All I Can Handle. I'm No Mother Teresa" in fine bookstores everywhere Fall 2010.

[More info at KimStagliano.com]


  1. Well there's my cover art... That is the funniest picture - and yet, I feel like I sholuld bolt to confession! Thanks for the congrats. Now the work begins! I have to write the book. Kids, see you in a few months, be good to Daddy!


  2. I love this woman!!! Her book is going to be awesome! :)


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