Friday, February 5, 2010

Digby and Sprout (Little Stars Blog) - Autism Mum in the UK

The Digby and Sprout (Little Stars) blog has been added to The Autism Retort.

Special Needs Blogger Mum in the UK.

I am a theatre nurse, but am giving up work to look after the boys full time. Since having Daniel I have found support networks scarce on the ground, and sensory toys are exorbitant in price. I am hoping to make it my mission to make sensory toys available to all families with special children at half the price of SpaceKraft & Rompa. I also author a BLOG as a support network, a place to share the highs and lows and celebrate the achievements of our wonderful little gifts from God. I have found through personal experience that many families with children with special needs are forced in UK to live in relative poverty as one wage earner has to give up work, and the things they need are so expensive.

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