Saturday, April 30, 2011

Autism Play Therapy

5 Steps To Getting Started With Play Therapy | Friendship Circle -- Special Needs Blog

After going through the process of diagnosis for a child with special needs, many parents are overwhelmed by the cost of private therapy and treatment. Then there’s the difficulty of scheduling therapies, and for some children, the trauma of separation from the parent during therapy.

What if there was a therapy that could be done at home for free? What if there was a therapy that strengthens the bond between parent and child while also encouraging the child’s emerging independence? What if there was a type of therapy broad enough to assist with all types of special needs, but flexible enough to be tailored to a child’s specific goals in physical or occupational therapy, speech or social skills, sensory integration or emotional regulation? It would be perfect if such a therapy was also demonstrated to be effective in decades of scientific studies, right?

Well, you’re in luck. With these five steps you can get started on play therapy today.

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