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Your Healing Retreat

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Professional colleagues, Drs. Nancy O’Hara, MD, Elizabeth Mumper, MD, Stephanie Cave, MD, Julie Buckley, MD and Maureen McDonnell, RN have worked together as clinicians, teachers, authors and nationally recognized lecturers in the field of neurodevelopmetal disorders.

Pressed for time at medical conferences, they planned to meet in a non-conference setting to share their insights and friendship. But the opportunity never came––until the youngest among them developed cancer.

Suddenly there was a sense of urgency that underscored the importance of spending quality time together. One weekend, they reunited to relax. But true to form, never to miss an opportunity to teach and share, they started off that weekend with a seminar, sharing with families of children with neurodevelopmetal disorders some basic science, cutting edge new thinking, and techniques for caregivers to implement in caring for themselves.

After the seminar as they were enjoying each other’s company, a unique concept was born. What if we created a weekend retreat, geared at caregivers- both family members and physicians dealing with disease processes- that could prove to be helpful to everyone involved? If education about a medical problem or topic was integrated with education about how people living and working and caring for someone with that problem could successfully care for themselves, the health or a population would begin to improve!


Through their commitment to sound medical science, their love for the spirit that lives within us and their passion for living each day richly, the group created a unique approach for educating parents and physicians….”A Healing Retreat”. Their initial retreat scheduled for June 3-5, 2011 focuses on those who care for children with Autism and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).

Melding scientific CME- (continuing medical education) approved lectures with workshops and a myriad of rest, relaxation and healing opportunities, conference attendees will enjoy a spectacular retreat environment. During the three-day intimate meeting, a community is built––and through the use of interactive web-based tools––continues to be fostered long after the conference is over. At the conclusion of the “Healing Retreat”, parents and physicians return home rested, renewed, and rejuvenated, with a resource community and real-time implementable tools in their proverbial toolbox.

In the future, these medical professionals hope to expand the “Retreat” idea to include other medical conditions––assisting other professionals, families and children––with new techniques that enable everyone to live life to the fullest.

So, come. Gain personal access to the latest information on integrative treatments for prevention and recovery of children with Autism and ADHD in the first ever collaboration of these 5 nationally acclaimed clinicians. Relax, in a never before created retreat environment of hope and healing. Join this team of dedicated professionals for a weekend of learning, relaxation, and recovery for your patients, for your families, for you. And depart with a plan for tomorrow.

Online Resources

Our dedicated clinicians envisioned an easily accessible resource site that helps caregivers every day in their journey to prevent and recover children affected by Autism as well as other neurodevelopmental disorders. Retreat attendees will receive a pass code allowing them access to this exclusive information and resource based website containing a multitude of science based strategies as well as lists of the practical tools discussed at the retreat: Long after the conference ends, our retreat attendees will continue to have access to reliable sources for food and household supplies, as well as tips from our speakers and links to sponsor websites.

Browse our site or visit the latest news section. This website is dedicated to all those who have gone before us and the thousands who will follow in their path to healing.

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