Monday, May 16, 2011

Big Daddy Autism : The Dave Barry of Autism Parenting? -

He's been called, "The Dave Barry of Autism Parenting."

He's also been called "morbidly obese" and "kind of gross."

In the tradition of the great dads of our time ~ Mike Brady, Charlie Sheen, and Homer Simpson ~ Big Daddy, gives us a peek into how fatherhood in the Twenty First Century is done.

Big Daddy's Tales from the Lighter Side of Raising a Kid with Autism

CreateSpace (April 21, 2011)

We've all heard the stats - autism affects approximately one out every one hundred children. Autism has burst into the public consciousness in recent years. Along with this explosion came a plethora of books by autism parents. But none are like Big Daddy's new book.

F. Lewis Stark, aka "Big Daddy Autism," is the father of a beautiful, thirteen year old autistic boy. Upon hearing Griffin's diagnosis over a decade ago, he felt as though his world collapsed. Big Daddy often wished there was a resource available to show fathers, that raising a child with a disability was not all about sorrow, lost hopes, and heartache.

That led him to start a blog and write his first book. On his blog, and in his book, Big Daddy uses hilarious anecdotes from his experience in raising his quirky son as jumping off points to demonstrate that, while his life did not turn out as he expected, raising an autistic kid is far from misery. Big Daddy shows how acceptance, gratitude and humor help to overcome a great deal of adversity.

Big Daddy's Tales from the Lighter side of Raising a Kid with Autism is about acceptance more than anything else. Sure there are a ton of poop, fart, and booger stories in there. But mainly Big Daddy shares how his family uses creativity, humor, and acceptance to overcome adversity.

Interested? Of course you are. Get your copy at or at Big Daddy's blog,

Oprah, Ellen, Holly, Katie, Chelsea, and other celebrities and/or members of the press who want a review copy, please contact the author at

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