Friday, May 13, 2011

CharmTracker for Female Autism Issues - AGE OF AUTISM

CharmTracker for Female Autism Issues - AGE OF AUTISM

A group of parents who have daughters with an autism diagnosis are networking to form a group for researching the similar health issues our precious girls are having to endure. We want to see the common patterns or differences so that we can gather data to help pinpoint valuable information. A website for this has been developed, a treatment tracking system for autism called ChARMtracker (check it out at It is free to families and there are over 2,000 users worldwide now, all tracking histories, interventions, diets, medications, supplements etc. of their children. The pre-teen/teen girls would be done in a similar fashion but kept together as a group for data and specific age/sex similarities. This is parent-driven and has no connections to any government or pharmaceutical companies. We will be in communication with each other and the researchers as we journey. This will not take the place of a doctor or a medical plan but will hopefully aid in determining any correlations in our girls thus, guide treatment planning.

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