Monday, May 16, 2011

The Vaccine Machine

The Vaccine Machine has been added to The Autism Retort!


I was gung-ho for vaccines before our daughter was born in 95. I was that expectant dad reading all the parenting books and wanting to do everything just right. I told my wife we'd have to get all the shots and right on schedule. Just going by what one hears in the culture, I remembered how scared everyone was of polio. Then I heard on a daytime talk show what was very uncommon then: someone questioning the safety and wisdom of vaccination. I started looking into it (sadly, back then there was no internet and few books on the subject) I had to go to medical school libraries to get anything on vaccine studies. It finally came down to realizing these illnesses were not nearly as scary as imagined. Back then I thought by this time everyone would have figured that out. I was wrong.

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