Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Big Kid Stroller

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We’re making a trip to Florida in the near future for a doctor visit and a quick trip to Walt Disney World. We have always traveled with a stroller. It makes getting through airport security MUCH easier. However, she is getting a tad too big for the standard umbrella stroller. I have gotten used to the dirty looks by judgmental people. I am counting on karma paying them a visit at some point. I noticed when searching for a big kid stroller that there is even a blog and a Facebook page where folks can go and practice being judgmental by mocking kids too big to be in strollers. Granted, most of these kids at the WALK blog probably are too big for a stroller. It is impossible to know what their circumstances are just from a picture.

More @ http://autismparents.net/big-kid-stroller-for-autism/

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