Thursday, September 1, 2011

Police defend handcuffing boy with autism

Toronto News: Police defend handcuffing autistic boy, 9 -

A 9-year-old with special needs left police no choice but to restrain him, authorities said.

The boy, who police were told has autism, was attending the Fairbank Memorial Day Care Centre last month when he became upset after being teased by other children.

“This boy was out of control, according to the two 911 calls that we got,” said Const. Victor Kwong of Toronto police. “The information that we received was that he was picking up tables and chairs and throwing them around. The precaution that the school had taken was they took out the other students and they locked him into a room by himself.”

It’s the first time the daycare has had to summon police on a child, said Peter Frampton, executive director of the Learning Enrichment Foundation which accommodates 750 kids across 17 centres. He could not comment on this specific case.

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