Wednesday, September 14, 2011

UPDATE: Missing Child with Autism Joshua Robb FOUND thanks to Prince of F*&^ing Darkness Ozzy Osbourne!!!

It's nice to see a happy ending on these stories every now and then. It's been awhile since one turned out good. Joshua was found thanks to searchers blaring some Ozzy, which is little ironic considering he is "disturbed by loud noises." Thank you, Prince of F*&^ing Darkness Ozzy Osbourne!

Missing Autistic Boy Found After Searchers Play Ozzy Osbourne - ABC News

The search for 8-year-old Joshua Robb, the California autistic boy who was missing during a night of lightning storms, ended this afternoon when a search and rescue team found him in the woods near his school after playing recordings of Ozzy Osbourne.


The searchers also used recordings of his father's voice and Joshua's favorite country and heavy metal music, including songs by Ozzy Osbourne, heavy-metal pioneer and former lead vocalist of Black Sabbath.

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  1. I have a nine year autistic daughter who loves music and loves to dance. The format of the DVD is unusual, but appropriate for children who have difficulty processing language. There are no verbal instructions.


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