Monday, October 24, 2011

Test anthrax vaccine’s effectiveness in children?

The parents or children would have to benefit directly or indirectly in some way, may be time to whip out the $40 Target gift cards to lure out the guinea pigs. Does any one think the results would ever be anything other than "yep, it's safe."

Possible study of anthrax vaccine’s effectiveness in children stirs debate - The Washington Post

“There is a lot of skepticism on the part of the public about vaccines in general,” Lurie said. “If you had a situation where a vaccine has never been given to a child, it’s pretty hard to think what you could say to people about its safety and efficacy.”

But testing drugs and vaccines in children is problematic. Parents generally are allowed to let their children participate in studies only if they would face minimal risk or would be likely to benefit directly or indirectly in some way.

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