Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ramblings of a Stone Age Queen: Taboos, of autism and parenting

Ramblings of a Stone Age Queen: Taboos, of autism and parenting

I have had a particularly difficult weekend with my autistic daughter, and it occurred to me that there are some things that only other parents of children with autism understand properly. But even then, there are things which are left unsaid, because we are too scared that we will end up facing criticism, or worse, social services involvement. But if we aren't honest about what is going on, we carry on suffering in silence, convinced that we are the worst parents and that we will be hated and reviled if we dared to speak of our deepest fears.

On Saturday night, daughter had a major meltdown. She became so upset and confused that she attacked me, lunging forward and clawing at me, and she spent over and hour screaming blue murder. I have no idea what the neighbours must have thought, she sounded like she was being brutally tortured. The fact is, this hideous scenario occurred because she wouldn't go in the bath, then when I said it was time for bed, she wanted to go in the bath, but it was too late. Perhaps I should have given in and bathed her anyway, but it's all part of her needing to learn flexibility, that she can't always have her way, and besides, I was exhausted already and needed to go to bed myself.

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