Friday, December 9, 2011

Hamilton, AL Superintendent Ryan Hollingsworth: Clueless or Malicious Cost Saver?

Either this superintendent is clueless about autism and unable to perform his duties by providing an education to this child OR he is using this to get out of providing a full time aide per recent agreement. In either case, IT'S PATHETIC!

Ryan Hollingsworth - Superintendent of Schools

Phone: 205.921.3191
Office Hours: 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Address: 188 Winchester Drive - Hamilton, AL
Web site: Marion County BOE
Alabama Department of Education Web site, featuring Marion County statistics and contacts:
Alabama Department of Edu

School accuses 14-year old non-verbal Autistic girl of felony - ABC 33/40 - Birmingham News, Weather, Sports

Jenny Holcomb says she couldn't believe it when Marion County sheriff deputies appeared out of nowhere to serve her court papers, charging her 14-year old autistic daughter, Emily with First-Degree felony assault on a teacher. An injunction was also obtained, barring Emily from returning the school indefinitely.
Holcomb says it all unfolded at Hamilton High School in October while she was there on a unrelated matter with her daughter. Little did she know, the system's superintendent, Ryan Hollingsworth had filed a First Degree Felony Assault complaint on Emily on behalf of her Special Education teacher.
During the alleged assault on October 26, the teacher reported Emily hit and pushed her resulting in a 'mild injury'. In the complaint, Superintendent Hollingsworth noted its happened on more than one occasion.
Emily's mother says it was a violent act but just Emily's way of expressing frustration. "You have think about it -- she's trapped inside that body. And when people can't understand her it gets frustrating."
Emily's mother and her attorney -- James Gallini question the timing of the charge. Gallini says they had just settled an agreement with the school system to provide Emily's teachers a professional aide "for training, dealing with her level of autism," said Gallini. He believes the charge was an effort to get out of and circumvent the costly agreement. "At that point, it took it out of the special ed into the juvenile system."

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