Friday, December 16, 2011

Special Needs School Bus Missing for 4 Hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

School bus missing for hours with special needs kids on board -

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) -- A school bus with special needs kids on board was missing for several hours Monday afternoon and parents say they couldn't get straight answers from the school district.

"I was so upset that nobody could be honest with me and tell me that it's time to worry," says Meg Directo, mother of a 4 year-old autistic girl on the bus. "Everybody I talked to says 'oh she's on her way, she's on her way, she's here, she's there.'"

The bus left Lummis Elementary School around 3 p.m. and over the course of several hours, parents feel like they were getting the runaround from the Clark County School District Transportation Department. (

"As parents we don't need to be lied to, especially when the Transportation Department knows the issues," says mom Michelle Zurowski. "We don't need to be lied to."

Action News pushed the school district for answers and learned the bus driver was a substitute and had been given the wrong maps.


"You know, most of them don't talk so we'll never know what happened for four hours on that bus," says Directo.

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