Monday, April 2, 2012

4th Anniversary of Obama's broken promise to appoint a Federal ASD Coordinator

FLASHBACK*** AutismParents.NET! »Two years and counting, Still no AUTISM CZAR

Still no Autism Czar.
Candidate Obama on Autism …
“Many insurance companies have failed to assume their responsibilities. Individuals with autism are routinely denied insurance benefits for their treatments. As President, I will appoint a Federal ASD Coordinator, an “Autism Czar” to oversee and coordinate a nationwide effort to deal proactively with ASD. This effort will include diverse but credible research, treatment, personal care/assistance and family support and will work with existing national and state organizations and taskforces. We need to ensure thatcombating autism, once and for all, receives the recognition and priority it deserves at the highest level of government. This appointee will also have a mandate to eliminate bureaucratic obstacles that may be delaying implementation of important measures and will ensure that all federal funds are being spent in a manner that prioritizes results. We need to build effective communication and collaboration among federal, state and local agencies. Right now, our government is just trying to keep up and, as any family who faces autism will tell you, we are not even doing that. What we know and what we have seen is that America can and must do more.”
[Excerpts from Senator Obama's World Autism Awareness Day Speech]

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