Friday, May 4, 2012

Worley Helps Brothers Battle Autism/Seizures | News | Tipton County News

Worley Helps Brothers Battle Autism/Seizures | News | Tipton County News

Two brothers have received help from the Darryl Worley Foundation in their battle against autism and seizures. Seven-year-old Wyatt Garrett and five-year-old Wayden Garrett recently met the singer/songwriter to thank him in person for the gift that helped them receive treatments at the Tennessee Hyperbaric Center in Jackson. 
After meeting the family, Worley said, “I was blown away by the fact that these parents wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer. They just kept pushing until they found something that would help their boys. Their faith and determination are great examples for all of us.” 
According to the boys’ mom, Kathy Garrett, Wyatt’s seizures began when he was almost two months old. Wayden has battled seizures, also, and was diagnosed as having autism at age three. That is when he went from talking in sentences to being nonverbal. 
The mom of four explained, “We had tried every treatment we could find — utilizing hospitals and testing in several states — but nothing had worked. Then we came across hyperbaric oxygen therapy on the internet.” 
Garrett described how she connected with Kristi Hogg, who had sought HBOT treatments for her daughter’s mitochondrial disease before founding Mayci’s Miracle Fund ... More @

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