Friday, July 6, 2012

Has Disney changed policy towards Autism?

I hope this is not true.  We went to Disney World last Sept and they were INCREDIBLE.  We would never have been able to do it without the pass.  I hope this is not true or if so, it changes, as we were hoping to return.  Autism families have a lot of money to spend in the park too and it would not have been possible without their special accommodations.

Mama Be Good: Autism, Disney, and Accommodation

After we went to the rides, we realized, Disney had indeed changed their policy. At three rides, we presented our GAC to the ride attendant at the line and, at all three rides, we were instructed to wait in the regular line. None of the attendants took the card or even looked at it. They merely looked at our party, saw no apparent disability, and waved us back to the regular line. 
Waiting in lines took a mere ten minutes at the train, ten minutes at the Haunted Mansion, and ten minutes at Pirates (a detour since Snow White had closed). It doesn't sound long to me, having seen two-hour wait times there, and I'm sure it doesn't sound long to WDW employees. But remember all those challenges I mentioned? Hypotonia, high sensory reactivity, motor skills problems, auditory and visual perception problems? It doesn't matter how short the line is, these things are still a problem.

At the fourth line, after five minutes, I realized, too late, that Jack was past his breaking point. We ducked under the rope line and headed out.

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