Friday, November 4, 2011

Autism = Superior In Multiple Areas???

This is sure to spark some heated debates in the autism community. While this may be the case, many of us would like to see our kids use the potty,form 3 word phrases consistently and not have seizures.

Autistic Individuals Are Superior In Multiple Areas
We must stop considering the different brain structure of autistic individuals to be a deficiency, as research reveals that many autistics - not just "savants" - have qualities and abilities that may exceed those of people who do not have the condition, according to a provocative article published today in Nature by Dr. Laurent Mottron at the University of Montreal's Centre for Excellence in Pervasive Development Disorders. "Recent data and my own personal experience suggest it's time to start thinking of autism as an advantage in some spheres, not a cross to bear," Mottron said.

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